MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27) : Script Master Measurement Setup
Script Master Measurement Setup
The Script Measurement function (Scanner | Scan Scriptmaster) allows the user to increase the number of channels to scan from 20 channels to 1,200 channels. Channel scanning is done in groups of 20. So if the maximum number of channels were set, then there would be 60 sets of 20 channels.
The Channel Scanner Script Master allows the user to automatically repeat scanning of all channels multiple times. You may choose to repeat the scan for a specified number of cycles, or choose a time duration until which the scan is repeated or ended. Please refer to Script Master Editor in Master Software Tools for creating and uploading Script Files to the instrument.
Press the Repeat Scan Type submenu key to set either the number of scans or period of time as the mode of testing. If # Scans is selected, use the # of Repeat submenu key to set the number of repetitions for testing the full list of channels in the Script Master Test file. The maximum number of repetitions is 1000. If Time is selected, use the Scan Duration submenu key to setup a test period for testing the channels in the Script Master Test File.
If testing the number of channels in the Script Master Test File is shorter than the Scan Duration, testing those channels will repeat. If testing the number of channels in the Script Master Test File is longer than the Scan Duration, scanning ends and the rest of the channels are not tested. Units for Scan Duration is days, hours, minutes, and seconds, with a maximum scan time of three days and a minimum scan time of ten minutes.
The sets of channels in the Script Master Test File can also be tested repeatedly. Use the # of Repeats (Set) submenu key to set this parameter. For example, if 5 were entered, then each set of 20 channels, would be tested five times before the next set of channels are tested.
The # of Repeats (Set) feature can be used in combination with # of Repeats (List) feature. For example, the Script Master Test File contains 100 channels, that is 5 sets of 20 channels. # of Repeats (Set) is set to 3 and # of Repeats (List) is set to 5. Pressing the Start/Restart Test button starts test on the first 20 channels for 3 iterations, then testing moves to the 2nd set of channels for 3 iterations and continues on till the 5th set is tested for 3 iterations. Then the list of 100 channels are tested again with each set of channels being tested 3 times. Testing is ended when five cycles of testing on 100 channels completed.
1. Press the Scanner main menu key.
2. Press the Script Master submenu key. If no script file is currently in use, the Select Script Master Scan Setup File dialog will open. Select from that dialog list the desired script file. If a script file is in use or has been loaded, pressing the Script Master submenu key will list the Scan Script Master submenu.
3. Press the Select Test submenu key to enter a new or change the current Script Master Scan Setup file. The Select Script Master Scan Setup File dialog opens. Select the desired measurement script file. Once a new file is selected, the channels are loaded, along with any other scan parameters defined in the file. To over ride these parameters, follow steps 4 through 6, otherwise continue to step 7.
4. Press the Repeat Scan Type to select the desired scan mode # Scans, go to step 4a, to select Time, go to step 4b.
a. If # Scans is selected, press # of Repeats (List) to set the desired repetition of test cycles of the Script Master Test File. Select the # of Repeats (List) define how many channels to include in the custom list. This choice can be changed later if needed.
b. If Time is selected, press Scan Duration to set the desired testing period. Time on the submenu key turns red for editing. Pressing a number on the numeric keypad lists the Time menu. Press the appropriate time unit.
5. If repeated set testing is desired, press the # of Repeats (Sets) submenu key and enter the desired number of test cycles.
6. Press the Record to the On position to store test measurements.
7. Press the Start/Restart Test submenu key to begin testing.