MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27) : Scanner Menu : Scan Script Master Menu
Scan Script Master Menu
Key Sequence: Scanner > Scan Script Master > Select Setup File > Scan Script Master
Channel Scanner Scan Script Master Menu
Select Test
Opens the Select Script Master Scan Setup File dialog to select a script file for measurement use.
Repeat Scan Type #Scans/Time
Sets the scan to run through the number of scans set using # of Repeat (List) or for the period of time set using Scan Duration.
# of Repeats (List)
Sets the number of scan repetitions for the # of Repeats (Set).
Scan Duration
Sets the period of time channel scanning takes place for use with Repeat Scan Type.
# of Repeats (Set)
Sets the number of times each set of 20 channels are scanned.
Record On/Off
Turns on the record mode. When the set # Scans are completed or the set Time has ended, the measurements will be stored to memory.
Start/Restart Test
Starts running a selected measurement or restarts a measurement that is running.
Returns to the Scanner Menu.