MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27) : Custom Setup Measurements
Custom Setup Measurements
1. Press the Custom Scan main menu key.
2. Press the Number of Channels submenu key to define how many channels to include in the custom list. This choice can be changed later if needed.
3. Press the Edit List submenu key to bring up the list of channels. The channel highlighted in blue is the channel active for editing. Use the up or down arrows to select the channel to edit. Each channel can be set up differently.
4. Press either the Select Signal Standard submenu key or the Set Freq submenu key. If the Select Signal Standard submenu key was pressed, select the desired air interface standard from the dialog box. When a standard is selected, the usual bandwidth for that standard is automatically set. The bandwidth can be changed if desired.
5. Press the Set Channel submenu key to enter the desired channel number. If the Set Freq submenu key was pressed, the frequency value of the active channel will be highlighted. Use the rotary knob or the numeric key pad to enter the desired center frequency in Hz, kHz, MHz, or GHz.
6. Press the Set Bandwidth submenu key and use the rotary knob or numeric keypad to enter the desired value in Hz, kHz, MHz, or GHz.
7. Press the Done Editing submenu key.
8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 to continue editing additional channels.