MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Channel Scanner (Option 27) : Measurements Menu
Measurements Menu
Key Sequence: Measurements
Channel Scanner Measurements Menu
Display Graph/Table
Toggles the display between table and graph formats, see Figure: Channel Scanner Graph Display with Vertical Orientation and Figure: Channel Scanner Table Display for examples of the two formats.
Max Hold On/5 sec/Off
Turns on or off small yellow lines for every channel/frequency on the display that indicate the highest level that channel or frequency has reached. The 5 sec option holds the small yellow line at the highest level in the last 5 seconds.
Channel Units Channel/Freq
Toggles the display channel units between channel number and frequency.
Power Display Current/Max
The current power units are displayed at the bottom of the channels, or the maximum power is displayed (activated only when Max Hold is set to On or 5 sec).
Color Code Single/Dual
Channels can be represented in one color or two alternating colors.
Graph Orientation Vertical/Horizontal
When Graph is selected in the Display submenu, this key toggles the graph orientation between vertical and horizontal.
Screen captured images are provided as examples. Measurement details shown on your instrument may differ from the examples in this user guide
Channel Scanner Graph Display with Vertical Orientation
Channel Scanner Table Display