MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509) : Coverage Mapping Menu
Coverage Mapping Menu
Key Sequence: Measure or (Shift + 4) > Coverage Mapping
AM/FM/PM Coverage Mapping Menu
On Off:
Toggles Coverage Mapping On or Off. The current map or the default grid is displayed when Coverage Mapping is On. When Off, the instrument shows the standard measurement display.
Save/Recall Points/Map
Press this submenu key to open the Mapping Save/Recall Menu, where you can save the mapping information or recall a map.
Measurement Setup
Press this submenu key to open the Measurement Setup Menu and select the coverage measurement type and threshold values.
Point Distance/Time Setup
Press this submenu key to open the Point Distance/Time Setup Menu and set up the Time or Distance interval for capturing data.
Returns to the Measurements Menu.
Start/Stop Data Collection
Press this main menu key to start coverage mapping data collection based on Measurement Setup settings and Point Distance/Time Setup settings. A running count of collected data points is displayed at the bottom of the map. Press again to stop data collection.