S820E Microwave Site Master™ Programming Manual : General Information
General Information
About this Manual
Remote Operation Setup and Interface
USB Interface Connection and Setup
Ethernet Interface Connection and Setup
Site Master LAN Connections
Sending SCPI Commands
USB Connectivity
Ethernet Connectivity
About this Manual
This SCPI Programming Manual provides information for remote operation of the Microwave Site Master S820E, Cable and Antenna Analyzer, using commands sent from an external controller through the USB or Ethernet connection.
This Programming Manual includes the following:
An overview of the USB and Ethernet connections to the instrument.
An overview of Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) command structure and conventions.
The IEEE common commands that are supported by the instruments.
A complete listing and description of all the SCPI commands that can be used to remotely control functions of the instrument. The commands are organized by measurement mode starting in All Mode Commands.
This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the Site Master S820E User Guide. Refer to the instrument user guide for general information about the instrument, including equipment setup and operating instructions.
This chapter provides a general description of remote programming setup and interface using USB or Ethernet, and sending SCPI commands to the instrument.