S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : Cable and Antenna Measurements : Trace Menu
Trace Menu
Key Sequence: Trace (5)
Trace Menu
Copy Trace to Display Memory
Copies the current trace display to memory for use in Trace Math and Trace Display options.
Trace Display
Press to change the display options.
Trace Only: The active trace is shown (yellow).
Memory Only: The trace stored in memory is displayed in purple.
Trace & Memory: Displays both the stored trace (purple) if a trace is stored in memory and the current active trace (yellow).
Trace Math
Press to change the trace math options.
None: The active trace is shown as is, with no math functions.
Trace – Mem: Displays the difference between the active trace and the trace in memory.
Trace + Mem: Displays the results of logarithmic adding of the active trace and the trace in memory.
(Trc + Mem) / 2: Displays the results of the average of the active trace and trace in memory.