S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : File Management : Overview
Remember the following tips when reviewing this chapter:
File management functions apply to files stored in internal memory or on a removable disk.
Select the destination for saved files using the Location button and the Set Location key in the Save dialog box.
Rename saved files under the File Management menu (File > File Mgmnt).
Sort files by tapping a column heading.
Move up and down file lists using buttons under the Navigation menu.
Press Esc to return to the previous screen.
Saved measurements also contain setup information.
Recalled measurements display in purple and may change the current instrument settings (which will not be saved) in order to display the recalled measurement.
Calibration information is recalled with setup files but not recalled with measurement files.
Use the Left arrow key to move out of a folder.
Use the Right arrow key to move inside of a highlighted folder.
File Types
Filename extensions used in the Site Master S820E include:
*.dat for Cable and Antenna measurement files
*.hipm for High Accuracy Power Meter measurement files
*.svna for VNA mode measurement files
*.s2p (SnP) for VNA mode measurement files:
Lin Mag/Phase
Log Mag/Phase
*.ett for easyTest files
*.stp for Setup files
*.png for Screen Shot files
*.csv text file with Comma Separated Values (CSV), for saving formatted data
*.txt for saving Status information and Self Test results
*.vipi for Video Inspection Probe measurement files
S2P is a standard ASCII text file format that is used for scattering parameters from a 2‑Port measurement. This is a subset of SnP (where n equals the number of ports). An S2P file can be used as input for signal analysis.
The CSV and Text files contain setup information and final formatted data that are shown on the instrument display screen. This file information includes any post‑processing that was done on the data (smoothing, trace math, and so forth). These files contain the data for any traces that are displayed, including the memory traces. They also contain the markers that are turned on when the file is saved.