S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : File Management
File Management
File Types
Save Files
File Name
File Type
Save Location
Recall File
Recall a Measurement
Recall a Setup
Recall/Preview a Screen Shot
Recall a VIP Measurement (VIP Mode Only)
Recall a VIP Image (VIP Mode Only)
Rename File
Copy and Paste File
Delete Files
Create a Folder
File Menu Overview
File Menu
Save Menu
Save Menu (continued)
Recall Menu
Recall Menu (continued)
File Mgmnt Menu
This chapter reviews the file management features of the Site Master S820E. The File menu and associated submenus allow you to save, recall, rename, copy, and delete files in internal memory or on an external USB drive.
The File menu is accessed by pressing the File (1) keypad menu key. In Video Inspection Probe (VIP) mode, you can alternatively press the Save/Recall main menu key on the touchscreen.
Screen images in this User Guide are illustrations of typical instrument features. Some images may depict instruments other than the Site Master S820E. Traces and other display features may differ from the screen displays of your instrument.