S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : File Management : Copy and Paste File
Copy and Paste File
The Site Master S820E allows multiple files and folders to be copied or moved at the same time. The example below describes how to copy or move files and folders from internal memory to a removable USB drive.
For user convenience, the Create Folder, Copy, Paste, and Delete buttons are available under each of the File Mgmnt, Recall, and Save submenus.
1. Press the File (7) key to display the File menu.
2. Press File Mgmnt to open the File Mgmnt dialog box.
3. Navigate to the file you wish to copy or move and press the checkbox next to it to select. Use the Navigation submenu keys as needed to move through a long list of files.
You can select a single or multiple files and folders, as illustrated in Figure: Multiple Item Selection. Press the top checkbox to select all files and folders in the current directory.
Multiple Item Selection
4. Under File Mgmnt, select Copy.
5. Insert a USB flash drive into one of the Site Master’s USB ports.
6. Double-tap on Drive in the Location field, then double-tap on the USB drive icon.
7. Navigate to the destination folder as needed, then press Paste to either copy or move the selected files and folders from internal memory to the USB drive.
8. In the Paste Selection message box, press Paste or Move, as appropriate. Paste will create copies of the selected files in the destination folder. Move will place copies in the destination folder and remove the selected files from the source location.
Paste Selection Dialog Box
9. If files with the same name already exist in the destination folder, a confirmation dialog will display, prompting you to select whether to overwrite some or all of the files.
Paste Warning
10. After pasting is completed, the USB drive can be removed. No Eject command is required to remove the drive.
Files are removed from Site Master clipboard memory after pasting. The Site Master does not allow concurrent pasting.