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Save Menu
Key Sequence: File (7) > Save
Save Menu (1 of 2)
File > Save
Press this key to save to file the current measurement data, setup data, or screen.
Save > Filetype
Press this key to select the type of data to save. Refer to File Type.
Measurement (.dat): Measurement files contain the measurement data and setup data. They can be recalled and viewed on the instrument or viewed on a PC with Line Sweep Tools.
Setup (.stp): Setup files contain basic instrument information, measurement setup details, measurement marker data, and limit data.
ScreenShot (.png): Screen shot files contain an image capture of the current display. Capture settings are set in the Display/Audio Menu.
Text (.txt): Saved instrument status and self-test results are stored in text files.
CSV (.csv): CSV files contain saved data in text format with Comma Separated Values (CSV).
The selectable file types are different in Video Inspection Probe (VIP) mode. See Figure: VIP File Type.
Save > Location
Displays the current save location. Press this key to change the location where the Site Master saves files. Select folders or drives with the arrow keys, the rotary knob, or the touchscreen. Refer to Save Location.