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File Type
The default file type in the Save dialog box is Measurement. To select a different type of data to save, press the Filetype button, then touch the appropriate key under the File Type menu. The selected file type determines the file name extension, as shown in Figure: Save File Type.
Save File Type
Measurement files are typically saved for reporting and monitoring. They contain both the measurement data and setup data.
In Video Inspection Probe mode, the Measurement file type (.vipi extension) saves the captured VIP image and analysis results. See Video Inspection Probe (VIP).
Setup files help ensure consistent instrument setup when making future measurements. They contain basic setup details including: measurement type, frequency span, distance span, DTF setup, amplitude settings, markers, limit lines, calibration coefficients, and additional instrument settings (data points, run/hold status and RF immunity status).
Screen shot files contain a screen capture of the current display. The image appearance is set using the ScrnShot Settings.