S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : File Management : File Menu
File Menu
Key Sequence: File (7)
File Menu
Press this submenu key to display the Save Menu and the touch screen keyboard. Site Master files can be saved to internal memory or to a USB flash drive. The saved Measurement, Setup, or Screen shot file can be named by using the touch screen keyboard. By default, measurements are saved to internal memory. The save destination is set using Set Location.
Press this submenu key to display the Recall Menu. This menu is for recalling a measurement or setup data from internal memory or from a USB flash drive. The Recall function can also be used to preview saved Screen Shot Files.
File Mgmnt
Press this submenu key to display the File Mgmnt Menu. This menu contains basic file management functions including renaming files or folders, creating folders, copying, pasting, and deleting files or folders. Many of the file management functions are duplicated in the Save and Recall menus for user convenience.