S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : File Management : Save Files : File Name
File Name
In the Filename edit box, you can either use the default name or enter a custom name. The default name is based on the instrument model, current display format and measurement type, and a sequence number. For example:
S820E 1x [DTF-RL] #3.dat, where:
1x = Single display
2x = Dual display
RL = Return Loss
DTF-RL = Distance to Fault Return Loss
CL = Cable Loss
VSWR = Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
DTF-VSWR = Distance to Fault Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
TR2P = Transmission (2‑Port)
TRES = Transmission (Ext. Sensor)
SC = Smith Chart
PH = 1-Port Phase
HiPM = High Accuracy Power Meter
The file sequence number (#n) is automatically incremented each time a file of the same type is saved. The file extension is determined by the type of file being saved, such as measurement (.dat), setup (.stp), or screen shot (.png).
To enter a custom file name, simply type over the default name. Optionally, you can use the EZ Name keyboards to quickly enter character strings that make up a custom file name.
EZ Name Keyboards
Some carriers may require files to be named according to specific conventions, including site ID, color coding, measurement type, termination device, and frequency information.
Press one of the two EZ Name Page Selection keys to display the EZ Name keyboard, then touch an EZ Name key to enter the corresponding preset character string in the Filename edit box.
EZ Name Keyboards
The Separator keys determine whether to automatically insert a separating character (hyphen or underscore) after each name string entered by pressing an EZ Name key.
EZ Name Keys
Pressing an EZ Name key inserts the associated character string into the name of the file being saved. To define your own EZ Name keys or rename an existing key:
1. Press Rename Keys on the appropriate EZ Name keyboard (Page 1 or Page 2). See.
2. Press the EZ Name key you want to define or rename.
3. Enter a new name, e.g., GREEN, for the selected key.
Renaming an EZ Name Key
4. Press Done to apply the character string to the EZ Name key. The EZ Name keyboard now shows the key with its new name. In the example, one of the Color Code keys was renamed.
Renamed EZ Name Key
User‑defined EZ Name keys are saved in internal memory until the custom file is deleted, or a Master Reset is performed. Refer to the Preset Menu for additional information.