S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : File Management : Delete Files
Delete Files
The Site Master S820E allows multiple files and folders to be deleted at the same time from either internal memory or an external USB drive.
The example below describes deleting all the files from a folder in internal memory.
1. Press the File (7) key to display the File menu.
2. Press File Mgmnt to open the File Mgmnt dialog box.
3. Navigate to the file you wish to delete and press the checkbox next to it to select. Use the Navigation submenu keys as needed to move through a long list of files.
You can select a single or multiple files and folders, as illustrated in Figure: Selecting Multiple Items to Delete. Press the top checkbox to select all files and folders in the current directory.
Selecting Multiple Items to Delete
4. Under File Mgmnt, press Delete. Touch Yes in the confirmation message box if appropriate.
The Delete function deletes all selected files, including files not created by the S820E. Use caution when deleting files.
Confirm File Deletion