S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : General Information : Instrument Description
Instrument Description
The Microwave Site Master S820E is a handheld cable and antenna analyzer designed to make measurements in the field on both coaxial cable and waveguide transmission lines. Cable and antenna analyzer measurements include 1‑port Return Loss, Cable Loss, VSWR, Distance‑To‑Fault (DTF), Transmission, Smith Chart, and phase measurements. The S820E also performs 2‑port transmission and cable loss measurements (using an external sensor for applications in which the ends of the device are physically separated by a distance longer than is reachable with normal test port cables, such as aircraft communication cables embedded within the body of the aircraft). VNA mode measurements include S‑Parameter measurements S11, S21, S12, S22. In addition to the cable and antenna measurements and VNA mode measurements, the instrument includes a high accuracy power meter mode utilizing Anritsu external USB sensors (sold separately).
The bright, high‑resolution, 800 x 600 pixel 8.4 inch color display provides easy viewing in a variety of lighting conditions. The combination of a resistive touchscreen plus keypad enables you to navigate menus with the touchscreen and to enter text or numbers directly. A user‑editable EZ Name Matrix allows you to configure complex sweep names quickly, saving hours of valuable time daily. The Site Master is equipped with factory installed Li‑Ion batteries typically delivering more than 4 hours of battery life when fully charged.
The internal memory is large enough to store more than 2,000 files. Files can be any combination of measurement files, setup files, or screen shots. Files can also be saved or copied to a connected USB flash drive. Measurements can be transferred to a PC using the supplied USB cable or with a USB flash drive.
The use of folders (with no more than 300 files per folder) is advisable when storing a large number of files within the Site Master internal memory. When navigating through folders with larger numbers of files, the sorting process can take noticeably longer and can delay the display of those files.
Included with the S820E is Line Sweep Tools (LST), a PC‑based software program than can be used to create reports, view and organize data, analyze historical data, edit markers and limit lines, rename traces, and trace analysis. Refer to Anritsu Tool Box for a brief overview of Line Sweep Tools.
Anritsu easyTest Tools provides a library of commands and a drag‑and‑drop interface for creating test sequences. The Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 compatible software is available on the Anritsu website.
A developer creates an easyTest test sequence (.ett) file on a PC. The file is copied to the S820E using a USB flash drive.
When the file is run using the easyTest icon on the Menu Shortcut screen, the S820E displays instructions one step at a time to the operator, simplifying the process of operating the instrument and completing assigned tasks.
easyTest Tools Help (which includes a Quick Start Topic), full use instructions, and sample .ett files are included with the software. After installing easyTest Tools on a PC, start the application and choose Help for additional information.
Refer to Anritsu Tool Box for a brief overview of easyTest Tools.