S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : General Information
General Information
Additional Documents
Document Conventions
Contacting Anritsu for Sales and Service
Instrument Description
Available Options
Battery Information
Instrument Care and Preventive Maintenance
ESD Caution
RF Input Warning
Calibration and Annual Verification
Secure Environment Workplace
Site Master Memory Types
Erase All User Files in Internal Memory
Usage in a Secure Environment
This chapter provides a general overview and information about frequency range, additional documents, preventive maintenance, and annual verification requirements for the Anritsu Handheld Site Master S820E.
Additional Documents
The following documents provide additional information about the Site Master S820E Cable and Antenna Analyzer.
Handheld Instruments Product Information, Compliance, and Safety Guide (10100-00065). Provides important safety, legal, and regulatory notices. Read this guide before operating the equipment.
Site Master S820E Technical Data Sheet (11410‑00650). Includes general specifications, detailed measurement specifications for all available measurement modes, ordering information, and a list of available accessories.
Site Master S820E Programming Manual (10580‑00344). Includes an overview of the compatible SCPI commands used to remotely access the Site Master S820E.
Site Master S820E Product Brochure (11410‑00726). Includes an overview of the of the Site Master S820E instrument, ordering information, and accessories information.
Site Master S820E Maintenance Manual (10580‑00345). Includes general information on the instrument, test equipment required, a replaceable parts list, and verification procedures including frequency accuracy, return loss, and dynamic range.
These documents along with additional application notes and white papers covering cable and antenna analysis are available from the Anritsu website via the Site Master S820E product page:
Document Conventions
Main menus and keypad buttons are shown in the user guide using a Sans Serif Bold typeface. Main menus are the six buttons that are displayed at the bottom of the touchscreen. Submenus and submenu buttons are displayed on the right side of the touchscreen display and are shown in the user guide using Sans Serif Regular typeface.
Menu and button locations may be described in this document by their path:
Measurement > VSWR
The line above reads as “Press the Measurement main menu button, then press the VSWR submenu button.”
Screen images in this User Guide are illustrations of typical instrument features. Some images may include instruments other than the Site Master S820E. Traces and other display features may differ from the screen displays of your instrument.
Contacting Anritsu for Sales and Service
To contact Anritsu, please visit: http://www.anritsu.com/contact-us
From there, you can select the latest sales, select service and support contact information in your country or region, provide online feedback, complete a “Talk to Anritsu” form to have your questions answered, or obtain other services offered by Anritsu.
Updated product information can be found on the Anritsu website:
Search for the product model number. The latest documentation is on the product page under the Library tab.
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