S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : General Information : Secure Environment Workplace : Erase All User Files in Internal Memory
Erase All User Files in Internal Memory
Perform a Master Reset:
1. Press the Preset (1) button.
2. Press the Reset drop down submenu then press the Reset button. Select Master Reset and read the description on the screen (Figure: Master Reset).
Master Reset
3. To erase all user files in internal memory, press the Master Reset button. A dialog box is displayed, warning that all settings will be returned to factory default values and that all user files will be deleted (Figure: Master Reset Confirmation). Deleted files cannot be recovered.
Master Reset Confirmation
4. Press Yes to complete the master reset and reboot the instrument.
5. The instrument is now reset.
Refer to the Preset Menu for additional information on reset options.