S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : General Information : Secure Environment Workplace : Usage in a Secure Environment
Usage in a Secure Environment
Not all USB flash drives are compatible with the S820E. Anritsu recommends performing a full FAT 32 long format prior to using with the instrument. Some USB devices may not be recognized even after formatting, and in these cases, the device must be replaced with another type.
Set the Site Master to save files to an external USB flash drive:
1. Attach the external flash drive and turn on the instrument.
2. Press the File (7) button, then Save.
Choosing a Storage Drive – Step 2
3. Press the Location button then double tap on the word DRIVE or press the Left Arrow key until the external USB drive is displayed.
Choose a Storage Drive – Step 3
4. Double tap on USB, or highlight USB by using Arrow keys or by touching the screen, then press Enter or press the Right Arrow key. The Location breadcrumb changes to DRIVE : USB.
Choose a Storage Drive – Step 4
5. Press the Set Location submenu key. The external USB flash drive is now the default location for saving files.
Choose a Storage Drive – Step 5
Refer to File Management for more detailed information.