S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : High Accuracy Power Meter : General Measurement Setup Connection : Setting the Measurement Frequency
Setting the Measurement Frequency
Press the Frequency main menu key then press Measurement Frequency. Set the measurement frequency to match the actual signal frequency being measured by using the number keypad. Then press the unit of measure button. The USB sensors contain EEPROM correction data for their own inherent frequency response. Failing to set the measurement frequency properly degrades measurement accuracy.
Setting the Amplitude
The maximum and minimum values of the analog display can be set in the Amplitude menu. Relative Power is a useful feature to obtain the power reading with respect to a previous power level.
1. Press the Amplitude main menu key.
2. Press the Max Value submenu key and set the upper scale value. Press the Min Value submenu key and set the lower scale value.
Press the Autoscale submenu key to adjust the range automatically. The current power level is centered with Min Value automatically set at 90 % of the current power and Max Value automatically set at 110 % of the current power. Refer to Figure: Autoscale to Zoom In on a Measurement.
Autoscale to Zoom In on a Measurement
Changing the Display Units
The power meter scale can be displayed in dBm or Watts. Use the following procedure to change the displayed units:
1. Press the Amplitude main menu key.
2. Press the Units submenu key and select the display units.