S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : High Accuracy Power Meter : General Measurement Setup Connection : Average Menu Options
Average Menu Options
If the displayed values are unstable, then increase the Running Average from the default value of 1. Maximum value is 60. Increasing the running average is useful when measuring unstable sources or when measuring near the zero calibration level described below.
To monitor and record the maximum power level over time, set Max Hold to On. The needle and numeric values display the maximum recorded value until Max Hold is turned Off.
In Cont + Run mode (Figure: Limit Setting Display Changes), the power meter is continuously measuring and updating the power reading. In Cont + Hold mode, the readings are halted.
In Single + Run mode, the power meter performs the number of readings set in Running Average (default is 1) and then places the instrument in Hold mode. Changing the mode from Hold to Run initiates another series of readings and then returns the instrument mode to Hold once again.
Zero the sensor to remove any residual noise before making power measurements. If frequent low‑level measurements are being made, then check the sensor zeroing often, and repeat as necessary. Before zeroing the sensor, remove any RF input signal to the external sensor.
Zero Failure
This message appears if the zero operation is unsuccessful. The most common reason could be the presence of RF power at the input of the sensor.
Double check to ensure that no RF signal is present at the input of the sensor, and then try the zero operation again.
1. Press the Calibration main menu key and then press the Zero Sensor key.
2. When the process is complete, “Zero Status Ok” is displayed in the Measurement Settings Summary area.
3. Connect the sensor to the Device Under Test. The High Accuracy Power Meter will now display the power level of the desired RF signal, with the residual noise removed.