S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : System Operations : Self Test
Self Test
At power on, the Site Master runs through a series of checks to ensure that the system is functioning properly.
If the Site Master is within the operating temperature range with a charged battery and fails the self test, contact your Anritsu Service Center at http://www.anritsu.com/contact-us
To start a self test when the system is already powered up:
1. Press the System (8) key.
2. Press the Diagnostics submenu, then Self Test. The test starts, and the results are displayed in the dialog box (Figure: Site Master Self Test).
3. Use the Up/Down Arrow keys, rotary knob, or on screen navigation keys to move through the test results.
4. Pressing Save to File automatically creates a text file of the test results. The file is saved to internal memory and labeled S820ESelfTest#X.txt. The .txt file can be copied to a USB memory device (using the copy/paste function in File Mgmnt) and viewed on a PC with a text reader or word processor.
Site Master Self Test