S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : System Operations : Updating the Site Master Firmware
Updating the Site Master Firmware
The Site Master firmware is updated using a customer supplied USB memory stick. The firmware update is downloaded from the Anritsu website.
Press the Anritsu logo in the upper‑left corner of the screen to display instrument status. Press SW Info button to view the current software revision. Instrument status can also be found in the System menu.
Updated product information can be found on the Anritsu website:
Search for the product model number. The firmware updates are on the product page under the Library tab in the “Drivers, Software Downloads” section.
The “Release History” link provides a summary of the firmware changes.
1. Click on the “Firmware Update for the Site Master S820E” link.
2. Click the “Download” button and then “Run”. After the download is complete, press “Run” again and follow the onscreen instructions.
Press “Help (?)” for additional information.
3. After the firmware update is saved on the USB memory stick, remove the memory stick from the computer.
4. Turn off the Site Master and insert the USB memory stick into the USB port.
5. Connect the AC adapter and turn the Site Master on.
6. Press the Preset (1) key.
7. Under the Reset submenu press Update Firmware. The Update Firmware dialog (Figure: Update Firmware Message) appears.
Update Firmware Message
8. Select CONTINUE to begin the firmware update or CANCEL to cancel.
9. After the update is complete, the instrument will power down and restart to complete the firmware update.
10. Software version information is displayed in the System Status dialog box. See Figure: System Info.
Do not remove power or turn off the instrument during the firmware update to avoid potential serious damage to the instrument.