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Marker Menu
Key Sequence: Marker
Marker Menu (1 of 2)
Marker Setup
Select (1–8) M#
Press to turn on a marker (1 to 8) and selects which marker is active (green half circle). Current active marker is displayed on the button (M1).
Press to change the position of the active marker using the Up/Down Arrow keys, rotary knob or the keypad.
Sets the current active marker as a reference (standard) marker or a delta marker relative to Marker 1. Marker 1 is always a reference marker.
M1 (On Off)
Toggles the display of the active marker (M1 through M8) On or OFF. When off, the location of the marker is stored.
Display (Mkr + Table, Mkr Only, Off)
Press to see display options.
Mkr+Table: Displays both the markers that are on and the marker table.
Mkr Only: Displays markers that are on, but hides the marker table.
Off: Hides all markers and the marker table.
Marker Preset
Turns off all markers except for Marker 1. Sets Marker 1 location to the middle of the sweep.
Marker Menu (Continued)
Key Sequence: Marker > Marker Search
Marker Menu (2 of 2)
Marker Search

Tracking (On Off)
When turned On, the active marker becomes a tracking marker and defaults to tracking the peak. To track Valleys, press the Marker to Valley button after turning on Tracking. The Search settings can all be applied to a Marker with Tracking either On or Off.
Marker to Peak
Places the currently active marker on the highest signal amplitude currently displayed on screen.
Marker to Valley
Places the currently active marker on the lowest signal amplitude currently displayed on screen.