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Example B/A Measurement
The S820E in VVM mode can be used to measure the two ports of a splitter and compare them.
1. Connect a reference frequency to Port 1 of the S820E and to the input of the splitter (see Figure: VVM B/A Measurement of a Splitter). This is the A input for the B/A measurement.
VVM B/A Measurement of a Splitter
S820E Site Master in VVM mode
Coupler or Splitter
Signal Generator
Reference Signal
B/A Measurement
Splitter as DUT
50 ohm Load
2. Connect one output side of the splitter to Port 2, and connect a 50 ohm load to the opposite output side. Press Save Reference to use this measurement as reference when you measure the other output side of the splitter. See Figure: First Side of Splitter Measured and Saved as Reference.
First Side of Splitter Measured and Saved as Reference
3. After the reference value has been stored (in Step 2), reverse the splitter output connections and remeasure. The difference between both outputs of the splitter is displayed as the Relative Value that is shown in green on the S820E screen. This is the error between the two outputs of the splitter. A properly working splitter should have very closely matched values, as seen in Figure: Second Side of Splitter Relative to Saved Reference. When in doubt, consult the splitter data sheet to determine if it is still functioning within specifications.
Second Side of Splitter Relative to Saved Reference