S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : Vector Voltmeter : Sweep Menu
Sweep Menu
Key Sequence: Sweep
Sweep Menu
Run Hold:
Default is Run. Press this submenu key to toggle the sweep setting between Run and Hold. Hold stops the active measurement and holds the current measurement results. Run restores the active measurement and continuously updates the active measurement results.
RF Pwr In Hold
On Off
Press this submenu key to toggle RF power On or Off while the sweep is set to Hold.
Source Power
High Low
Press this submenu key to toggle the internal source power setting to High power or Low power.
Press this submenu key to display the IFBW dialog box (see Figure: IFBW Dialog Box) and select a bandwidth. Choose from:
100 kHz (maximum sweep speed)
1 kHz
100 Hz (default)
10 Hz (maximum dynamic range)
Sweep Averaging
Press this submenu key to enter the number of sweeps to use for averaging. Use the Up/Down arrow keys, the rotary knob, or the number keypad. The setting range is 1 to 1000.
Source Power
The default setting is High, which is more accurate because you are measuring further above the noise floor. Use Low power for devices that are sensitive to higher power levels, such as amplifiers. Source Power is not applicable for A/B and B/A measurement types.
IFBW Dialog Box
IFBW Dialog Box