Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : General GPIB, Ethernet Information : MG362x1A GPIB Operation
MG362x1A GPIB Operation
All Series MG362x1A Synthesized Signal Generator functions, settings, and operating modes (except for power on/standby) are controllable using commands sent from an external controller via the GPIB. When in the remote (GPIB) mode, the signal generator functions as both a listener and a talker.
Setting GPIB Operating Parameters
The MG362x1A leaves the factory with the GPIB address value set to 5 and the data delimiting terminator can be set to Carriage Return or Line Feed.(CR/LF). A different address value can be entered from the front panel using the Configure GPIB menu. Using this same menu, the data delimiting terminator can be changed to carriage return (CR) only. To change these parameters, refer to Figure: Configure GPIB Menu.
Selecting the Interface Language
The MG362x1A Synthesized Signal Generators can be remotely operated using one of two external interface languages—Native commands or SCPI. The Native language can be used over any remote bus to control the instrument. The SCPI interface language uses a set of the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) commands to control the unit. Selecting which of these external interface languages to be used can be made from the front panel using the Remote menu as shown in Figure: Configure GPIB Menu. To change the System language:
Configure GPIB Menu
Select the address of the MG362x1A on the bus. Enter a new address, between 1 and 30. The new GPIB address will appear on the display.
select carriage return (CR), line feed, (LF) or carriage return and line feed (CR/LF) as the GPIB data delimiter. Consult the GPIB controller's manual to determine which data delimiter is required.
Select SCPI Native.
Response to GPIB Interface Function Messages
Table: MG362x1A Response to GPIB Interface Function Messages lists the GPIB interface function messages that the MG362x1A will recognize and respond to. With the exception of the Device Clear and Selected Device Clear messages, these messages affect only the operation of the MG362x1A GPIB interface. The signal generator’s response for each message is indicated.
Interface function messages are transmitted on the GPIB data lines and interface management lines as either unaddressed or addressed commands. The manner in which these messages are invoked in programs is implementation dependent. For programming information, refer to the documentation included with the GPIB interface used for the external controller.
MG362x1A Response to GPIB Interface Function Messages
Interface Function Message
MG362x1A Response
Device Clear (DCL)
Selected Device Clear (SDC)
Resets the MG362x1A to its default state. (Equivalent to sending the *RST command.)
Go To Local (GTL)
Returns the MG362x1A to local (front panel) control.
Group Execute Trigger (GET)
Executes a string of commands, if programmed.
Interface Clear (IFC)
Stops the MG362x1A GPIB interface from listening or talking. (The front panel controls are not cleared.)
Remote Enable (REN)
Places the MG362x1A under remote (GPIB) control when it has been addressed to listen.
Serial-Poll Enable (SPE)
Outputs the serial-poll status byte.
Serial-Poll Disable (SPD)
Disables the serial-poll function.
Parallel-Poll Configure (PPC)
Responds to a parallel-poll message (PPOLL) by setting assigned data bus line to the logical state (1,0) that indicates its correct SRQ status.
Parallel-Poll Unconfigure (PPU)
Disables the parallel-poll function.