Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Instrument Overview : DIAGNOSTICS Menu : SELF TEST
The MG362x1A firmware includes internal diagnostics that self-test the instrument. Self-test performs a diagnostics of most of the PCBs and other internal assemblies.
During self- test with RF OUTPUT set to ON, the output power level is set to 0 dBm. Always disconnect sensitive equipment from the unit before performing a self test.
Perform a self-test of the signal generator at any time during normal operation.
To perform a system self test:
The SELF TEST RESULTS page is displayed after Self Test is performed. A sample of a SELF TEST pass screen is shown in Figure: SELF TEST Pass. A sample of a SELF TEST failed screen is shown in Figure: SELF TEST Failed. Press the karat at the right of the status results to show the passing and/or failing measurement results as shown in Figure: Self Test Status Log.
Self Test Results
When Self Test is performed, a comprehensive status log of the measurement results can be viewed as shown in Figure: Self Test Status Log. The results that are displayed for each module are option dependent. Self-test status results will be provided for each option installed. See Self-Test Messages for a complete log of self-test results. The self test results can be saved to a file for future reference.
Pass is displayed when all self testing measurements pass, the Overall Status and SYSTEM would display “pass”.
Fail is displayed if some or all tests detect an error which is not a command error, a query error, or an execution error and some device operations did not properly complete, possibly due to an abnormal hardware or firmware condition.
Pass and Fail:
Both the pass and fail results are displayed.
Save Test Results
Press SAVE in the lower right corner to open the Save File dialog. The self test results are a log file saved internally as “SelfTest___2021-08-18-09-21-48.log (yyyy-mm-dd- hr-min-sec). The file name and location can be changed and saved per the user’s discretion.
Self Test Status Log