Rubidium™ MG362x1A SeriesLow-Noise RF/Microwave SignalGenerators : Instrument Operation : Pulse Modulation : PULSE Modulation Set to External
PULSE Modulation Set to External
To provide pulse modulation of the output signal using a modulating signal from an external source, first set up the external pulse generator and connect it to the MG362x1A rear panel PULSE IN BNC connector.
Press SOURCE from the menu shown in Figure: External Pulse Menu and set to External.
External Pulse Menu
Set Internal or External modulation
Switch external pulse modulation on or off
Set the trigger polarity as Normal or Inverted
Setting Polarity
Press POLARITY and set the polarity of the signal that turns the RF on during pulse modulation.
Normal specifies positive-true operation; a TTL-high level will turn on the RF output signal.
Inverted specifies negative-true operation; a TTL-low level will turn on the RF output signal.
For proper operation, the period of the external pulse must be greater than the sum of the pulse repetition rate and pulse width of the internal pulse modulation waveform. To prevent relative timing jitter, the external gating pulse source can be synchronized with the internal pulse generator by using the 10 MHz REF OUT signal output (MG362x1A rear panel) as a frequency reference for the external generator.