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Trace Menu
The instrument is capable of displaying up to three traces, one with live data, and the other two either with stored data or trace math data. These settings apply only to AxC Trace 1.
Key Sequence: Shift > Trace (5)
Trace Menu
Sets trace A, B, or C as the active trace. Each press of this key increments through trace A, B, and C. The active trace is underlined.
Displays or hides the active trace.
Selects between holding the current swept trace on the screen or continually sweeping and updating the displayed measurement. This is not applicable to Trace B or Trace C unless trace math involving Trace A is active.
Trace A Operations
Lists the Trace A Ops menu to select an operation that can be applied to Trace A. See Trace A Ops Menu.
Trace B Operations:
Lists the Trace B Ops menu to select an operation that can be applied to Trace B. See Trace B Ops Menu.
Trace C Operations
Lists the Trace C Ops menu to select an operation that can be applied to Trace C. See Trace C Ops Menu.
Reset Trace
Resets the trace averaging, Max Hold or Min Hold, and restarts the sweep.
Trace Info
Stops the current trace and displays a summary table of trace parameters and current settings. See Figure: Trace Info Message Box. Press Enter or Esc to clear the table from the display and restart the trace.
Display: Press the appropriate key to display trace information for Trace A Only, Trace B Only, Trace C Only, or All Traces.
Top of List: Press this key to jump to the top of the Trace Info table.
Page Up: Press this key to skip up through the table.
Page Down: Press this key to skip down through the table.
Bottom of List: Press this key to jump to the bottom of the table.
Trace Info Message Box