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Save Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Limit (6) > Save Limit
Save Menu
Use the touch screen keyboard illustrated in Figure: Save Dialog to type the desired file name in the Filename edit box. Optionally, you can use the Quick Name keys to insert preset text strings into the file name.
Press Enter to save, Esc to close the Save dialog without saving.
Restore Default Quick Name Buttons
Press this key to reset to their factory defaults any custom Quick Names previously defined. Press Yes in the confirmation dialog to proceed.
Change Quick Name
Press this key to define a custom text string associated with one of the Quick Name buttons at the bottom of the touch screen keyboard (see Figure: Save Dialog). Select the Quick Name to edit as illustrated in Figure: Select Quick Name List Box, then press Enter. In the Edit Quick Name dialog, type the new Quick Name and press Enter again. See Figure: Edit Quick Name Dialog Box. The new Quick Name is displayed on the button below the keyboard.
Change Save Location
Change Type
Press this key if you want to save data other than limit lines.
Save Dialog
Select Quick Name List Box
Edit Quick Name Dialog Box