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Recall Files
Press the Recall Measurement key or the Recall key under the File menu to recall a previously saved file from internal memory or an external USB drive, if connected. The files listed in the Recall dialog box depend on the file type selected. See Figure: Recall Dialog Box. JPEG image files cannot be recalled.
Recall Dialog Box
The submenu keys let you change the file types and sort order of the displayed file list. Refer to Recall Menu.
The Filetype drop down list has the same function as the File Type submenu key. Selectable file types vary with the measurement mode. Use the touch screen, rotary knob, or the Up/Down arrow keys to select the file you wish to recall, then press Enter.
From the Recall dialog box, you can create a shortcut to a setup file and place the shortcut icon on the instrument’s Menu screen. Refer to User-Created Shortcuts.