Tracking Generator Measurement Guide : T-Series Tracking Generator : Transmission Measurements
Transmission Measurements
Each Tracking Generator option includes normalized transmission measurements.
1. Set the frequency and amplitude parameter required for the DUT.
2. Press the Shift key, then the Measure (4) key. Press the Generator key. Set the Generator Mode to Tracking and turn Generator Output On.
3. Connect a through cable between the RF OUT and RF In connectors. From the Generator submenu, press the Transmission Measurement submenu key (Figure: Normalize Off (Trace at ~0 dBm)).
Normalize Off (Trace at ~0 dBm)
4. Toggle Normalize On (Figure: Normalize On (Trace at 0 dB)). A message will flash when the process is complete.
Normalize On (Trace at 0 dB)
After Normalization:
Units in the Amplitude scale change from absolute (dBm) to relative (dB).
The trace is centered in the graticule at 0 dB when Reference Position is set 5 (default) and Reference Amplitude is 0.0 dB (default).
(Trans) is added after the Traces header on the left of the display.
Set the appropriate input attenuation needed BEFORE turning Normalization ON.
Changes to the Amplitude menus or the Frequency menus will automatically turn OFF Normalization.
After the normalization sweep is completed, reconnect the DUT between the RF OUT and RF In connectors.
Figure: Normalized Filter Trace shows a filter measurement after the normalization process. Displaying the trace required changing the Reference Position to 9 and the Scale (db range between grids).
Refer to Transmission Measurement Menu for additional information including Transmission Statistics and Transmission Offset.
Normalized Filter Trace