Spectrum Master™ Handheld Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : General Information
General Information
Additional Documentation
Contacting Anritsu
Product Information, Compliance, and Safety
Instrument Description
Available Options
Instrument Care and Preventive Maintenance
Connector Care
ESD Caution
RF Input Warning
Battery Replacement
Calibration and Verification
Secure Environment Workplace
Erase All User Files in Internal Memory
Recommended Usage in a Secure Environment
The Spectrum Master MS2711E User Guide is part of a set of manuals that cover all of the instrument functions and their use. This manual covers the instrument overview, system functions, and other common features, along with a brief guide to basic measurement concepts and setups. Most instrument operations and modes are covered in specific measurement guides as listed below.
Additional Documentation
Document Part Number
Description (Required Option)
Important Product Information, Compliance and Safety Notices
Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide
Spectrum Analyzer
PIM Hunting
Preamplifier (Option 8)
Interference Analyzer (Option 25)
Channel Scanner (Option 27)
EMF Measurements (Option 444)
AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509)
Power Meter Measurement Guide
High-Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19)
Power Meter (Option 29)
Spectrum Master Technical Data Sheet
Performance Specifications
E-Series Tracking Generator
Measurement Guide
Tracking Generator (Option 20)
Spectrum Master Programming Manual
SCPI Programming Instruction
Spectrum Master Maintenance Manual
Maintenance Manual
EMF Measurement Guide (Option 444)
Contacting Anritsu
To contact Anritsu, follow the link www.anritsu.com/contact-us and select the services in your region.
Product Information, Compliance, and Safety
Read the Handheld Instruments Product Information, Compliance, and Safety Guide (PN: 10100-00065) for important safety, legal, and regulatory notices before operating the equipment. For additional information and literature on your product, visit the product page of your instrument and select the Library tab: http://www.anritsu.com/en-US/test-measurement/products/ms2711e