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Instrument Description
The Spectrum Master MS2711E is an integrated multi-functional test instrument that eliminates the need to carry and learn multiple test sets. The Spectrum Master can be configured to include: spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer with interference mapping capabilities, tracking generator, channel scanner, power meter, high accuracy power meter, and an AM/FM/PM analyzer. A GPS receiver can be added to the MS2711E Spectrum Master model.
The bright 8.4 inch TFT color display provides easy viewing in a variety of lighting conditions. The MS2711E model is equipped with a Li-Ion battery delivering more than three hours of battery life. The combination of a touch screen and keypad enables users to navigate menus with the touch screen and enter numbers with the keypad.
The internal memory is large enough to store approximately 2,000 traces or setups. Measurements and setups can also be stored in a USB flash drive or transferred to a PC using the included USB cable.
Not all USB drives are compatible with the instrument. Many drives come with a second partition that contains proprietary firmware. This partition must be removed. Only one partition is allowed. Refer to the individual manufacturer for instructions on how to remove it. Some drives can be made to work by reformatting them using the FAT32 format.
Available Options
Available options for the Spectrum Master MS2711E model is shown in Table: Available Options (Sheet 1 of 2).
Available Options (Sheet 1 of 2)
Option Number
GPS Receiver (Requires GPS Antenna)
High-Accuracy Power Meter (Requires External Power Sensor)
Power Meter
Tracking Generator
Interference Analyzer(1)
Channel Scanner
AM/FM/PM Analyzer
Standard Calibration (ANSI 2540-1-1994)
Premium Calibration to Z540 plus test data
EMF Measurement (Requires Anritsu Isotropic Antenna)
1. Requires Option 31.