MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Interference Analyzer (Option 25) : Measurements Menu : IQ Waveform Capture Menu (Option 24)
IQ Waveform Capture Menu (Option 24)
Key Sequence: Measurements > Spectrum > IQ Waveform Capture
This menu is available only when Option 24 is installed on your instrument.
IA IQ Waveform Capture Menu
Start Capture
Initiates a capture using the current settings. Messages will appear on screen to notify the user of progress and the filename of the data acquired after the waveform capture is complete (Figure: IQ Waveform Capture). If Capture Mode is set to Continuous, this button becomes the Stop Capture button. Press the Stop Capture button to end a continuous waveform capture.
Capture Length
Sets the time length of the capture.
Capture Mode
When set to “single”, the instrument will perform 1 waveform capture each time “Start Capture” is pressed. When set to “continuous”, the instrument will begin a new capture as soon as the previous one is finished.
Sample Rate
Opens the Select Capture Sample Rate dialog (Figure: IQ Capture Sample Rate). Select the desired Sample Rate (MHz) and associated Bandwidth (MHz) and then press Enter.
Opens the IQ Capture Triggering Menu to set the triggering parameters.
File Name & Location
Opens the IQ Capture Save Menu to set the directory location of the saved file and the prefix of the file name.
Opens the IQ Capture Frequency/Amplitude Menu which contains the specific buttons for setting up the capture waveform frequency, display and attenuation parameters.
Returns to the [Spectrum] Measure Menu.