MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Interference Analyzer (Option 25) : Measurements Menu : IQ Capture Triggering Menu
IQ Capture Triggering Menu
Key Sequence: Measurements > Spectrum > IQ Waveform Capture > Triggering
IA IQ Capture Triggering Menu
Press this submenu key to set the desired type of triggering.
Free Run: The default trigger type is Free Run, in which the instrument begins another sweep as soon as one is finished.
External: A TTL signal applied to the External Trigger BNC input connector causes a single sweep to occur after the set delay. After the sweep is complete, the resultant trace is displayed until the next trigger signal arrives.
Sets the trigger slope to rising or falling.
Used when External is selected for the Source. Capture begins after set time delay, once the trigger has occurred. The delay can be entered either as a percentage of the sweep time or as an absolute time delay with units of ns, μs, or ms.