MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : CW Signal Generator (Option 28)
CW Signal Generator (Option 28)
Additional Required Equipment
Not all instrument models offer every option. Refer to the Technical Data Sheet of your instrument for available options.
This chapter presents information and procedures used to make measurements using the optional CW Signal Generator mode (Option  28).
The CW Signal Generator provides a continuous wave (CW) signal from the VNA RF Out port of the instrument. The CW signal is primarily used for testing the sensitivity of receivers. To test receiver sensitivity, connect the signal directly to the receiver that is being measured, and then reduce the output amplitude until the receiver drops the signal.
The external splitter feeds the signal into the RF input of the instrument. The display shows the output power and frequency. The amplitude is set by using an external step attenuator.
The external splitter and attenuator are purchased separately. They are available as CW Signal Generator Kit. The “fixed” CW signal levels vary as a function of the frequency.
Additional Required Equipment
CW Signal Generator Kit