MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : CW Signal Generator (Option 28) : Procedure
1. On the instrument, press the Menu key and select the CW Signal Generator icon.
2. Connect the attenuator to the RF Out port and the splitter to the Spectrum Analyzer RF In port as show in Figure: CW Signal Generator Configuration.
CW Signal Generator Configuration
3. Press the Freq menu key to set the desired frequency.
CW Signal Generator Frequency Menu
4. Press the Amplitude key and set the power level to High or Low. The typical nominal output power in the high setting is about 0 dBm. The typical nominal output power in the low setting is about –30 dBm.
CW Signal Generator Frequency Menu
5. Change the settings on the attenuator to adjust the power level. The large knob changes the power in 10 dB steps and the small knob adjusts the power level in 1 dB steps.
6. Press the Offset submenu key to add an offset (in dB) to the amplitude level. This offset compensates for any attenuation that is placed in‑line between the splitter and the DUT. Offset range is +100 dB to –100 dB.