MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Coverage Mapping (Option 431) : Coverage Mapping Menu
Coverage Mapping Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Measure (4) key > Coverage Mapping
Coverage Mapping Menu
On Off:
Toggles Coverage Mapping On or Off. The current map or the default grid is displayed when Coverage Mapping is On. When Off, the instrument shows the standard measurement display.
Save/Recall Points/Map
Press this submenu key to open the Mapping Save/Recall Menu, where you can save the mapping information or recall a map.
Pan & Zoom
Opens the Pan & Zoom Menu. This function is currently available on the LMR Master S412E only.
Measurement Setup
Press this submenu key to open the Measurement Setup Menu and set up the instrument for RSSI or ACPR measurements.
Point Distance/Time Setup
Press this submenu key to open the Point Distance/Time Setup Menu and set up the Time or Distance interval for capturing data.
Returns to the Measure Menu.
Start/Stop Data Collection
Press this main menu key to start collection of coverage mapping data based on the settings of Measurement Setup and Point Distance/Time Setup. A running count of collected data points is displayed at the bottom of the map. Press this key again to stop data collection.