MA2700A InterferenceHunter Help : Coverage Mapping (Option 431) : Coverage Mapping Menu : Field Strength Menu
Field Strength Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Measure (4) key > Coverage Mapping > Measurement Setup > Field Strength
Coverage Mapping ACPR Menu
Refer to Field Strength for related information.
Opens a dialog for selecting an Anritsu antenna that is being used for the field strength measurement. When the antenna dialog is open, the menu changes to the Antenna Options menu, providing controls to:
- Filter the antenna list by favorites or EMI antennas
- select and deselect antennas as a favorite, and save the favorites list
- navigate the antenna list pages
Excellent to Poor
These submenu keys are used to set the color values for the recorded field strength during data collection. The bar graph in the lower part of the display indicates measured power density within the range settings of Excellent to Poor; the color of the measured Field Strength box, dots on the screen, and .kml pins change based on the measured value.
Dark Green: Measurement ≥ Excellent
Light Green: Measurement ≥ Very Good
Yellow: Measurement ≥ Good
Orange: Measurement ≥ Fair
Red: Measurement ≤ Poor
Returns to the Coverage Mapping Menu.
Refer to Spectrum Analyzer for additional spectrum analyzer menus.