S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Cable and Antenna Measurements : Cable Loss Measurement
Cable Loss Measurement
The transmission feed line insertion loss test verifies the signal attenuation level of the cable system in reference to the specification. The average cable loss of the frequency range is displayed on the screen in the measurement settings summary area.
Device Under Test: Transmission Feed line with Short
1. Press the Measurement main menu key, under the Standard submenu, select Cable Loss.
2. Press the Freq/Dist main menu key and enter start and stop frequencies.
3. Press the Amplitude main menu key and enter top and bottom values for the display or press Full Scale.
4. Press the Calibration main menu key to start calibration of the instrument. Anritsu suggests using a phase‑stable test port cable. See Calibration, CAA for details.
5. Connect the Site Master to the Device Under Test using the calibrated phase‑stable test port cable.
6. Press the Limit main menu key to enter and set the limit line as described in Limit Lines. This limit line is used only for visual reference and not a pass/fail guide. The pass/fail determination is based on the average cable loss.
7. Press File (7) then Save to save the measurement to memory. Refer to Save Files for details on setting the save location.
Cable Loss Measurement