S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : Cable and Antenna Measurements : Calibration Menu
Calibration Menu
Key Sequence: Calibration
Calibration Menu

Start Calibration
Opens the Calibration dialog box. Refer to Calibration, CAA for detailed information.
Thru Update
Opens the Calibration dialog box to allow calibrating the Thru component without repeating the entire calibration sequence. This key is displayed only after a calibration with a Thru component.
Cal Info
Displays the Calibration Information table showing the current and active calibration settings. See Figure: Cal Info Window.
On Off
Press this submenu key to toggle Interpolation On or Off. After performing a calibration, you can turn Interpolation On and then change the frequency range (smaller) or change the number of data points (to be higher than 1033).
Cal Correction
On Off
Turn Cal Correction On to apply the correction factor to the current measurement.
Starts the calibrations process. Follow the on screen instructions.
Skip Step
Previous Step:
Press this submenu key to skip the current calibration step. In the dialog box for the next step, the button label becomes Previous Step, which returns to the dialog box of the step just skipped.
Cal Setup:
Press this submenu key to choose a calibration type.