S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : Calibration, VNA : Calibration Setup
Calibration Setup
In order to perform a proper calibration, several parameters must be set before the calibration procedure is started. These parameters are: Cal Type, Cal Line, Cal Method, Port DUT, Port Cal Kit, and Thru Device.
To view a summary of these settings, begin from the Calibration main menu and press Cal Info. A summary of the Active Cal Settings and the Current Settings of the instrument are displayed (see Figure: Cal Info Window). Press Esc to close the Cal Info window.
Cal Info Window
The Cal Info window displays all of the key setup parameters for the calibration. The current settings are shown on the left, and the settings of the instrument at the time of the last calibration are shown on the right.
Cal Type
Press the Cal Setup submenu button to choose a setup. In the Cal Setup menu, press the Edit Selection submenu button to choose a Cal Type.
Cal Setup and Cal Type Dialog Box
Notice the Cal Type description below the Cal Type selection list.
Cal Line and Cal Method
The Site Master S820E supports measurements and calibrations for both coaxial and waveguide media. In the Cal Setup window, set the Cal Line to either Coax or Waveguide before starting the calibration.
Figure: Cal Line Setup shows the selection window for the Cal Line, within the Cal Setup dialog box. For coaxial line types, the calibration method that is most commonly used is the Open, Short, Load, Thru method, or SOLT. For waveguide line types, the calibration method that is most commonly used is the Offset Short 1 (1/8th wavelength), Offset Short 2 (3/8th wavelength), Load, Thru method, or SSLT. Use the Cal Method selection to set the appropriate method for the type of media being used during the calibration and measurements.
Cal Line Setup