S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : Instrument Overview : Touchscreen Display Overview : Main Menu Keys
Main Menu Keys
The main menu keys are horizontally arranged along the lower edge of the touchscreen. The main menu key functions change based on the instrument mode. The instrument mode is set with the Mode (9) key, the Menu key, or the mode selector icon (icon not available in Classic mode). The main menu keys generate function‑specific submenus.
Submenu Keys
These submenu keys are arranged along the right‑hand edge of the touchscreen. The submenu keys change based on the selected Main Menu or Keypad Menu key.
Several submenus may be displayed in the submenu block area. Press any collapsed submenu title to expand the submenu and display the submenu buttons. Press one of the submenu buttons to make a selection or set a parameter.
In Figure: Distance to Fault Measurement, the Measurement main menu is selected (Green depressed state) and the DTF Return Loss measurement button is selected (Green semicircle).
Distance to Fault Measurement