S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : System Operations : System Menu : Status Menu
Status Menu
Key Sequence: System (8) > System Info > Status
Status Menu
Instrument Info
Displays the instrument model, installed options, serial number, UUID.
HW Info
Displays information on main board temperature (internal temperature), remaining battery charge, system voltage, and ID information for various components.
SW Info
Press this submenu key to display the version of various software components.
Connectivity Info
Press this submenu key to display the Ethernet IP Address and MAC address of the instrument.
Save to File
Press Save to File to create a text file of the instrument status. The file is saved to internal memory and labeled S820EStatus#X.txt. The .txt file can be copied to a USB memory device and viewed on a PC with a text reader or word processor.
Pressing the Anritsu logo on the touchscreen also displays this Status menu. (Refer to item 1 in Figure: Site Master Display Overview.)
System Status Dialog Box