S820E Microwave Site Master™ User Guide : System Operations : System Menu : GPS Menu
GPS Menu
To use GPS, you must have an external USB‑based GPS module connected.
Key Sequence: System (8) > Connectivity > GPS
GPS Menu
GPS Data
Clear Data
Press this key to clear the Site Master’s current GPS location data or last known GPS location data. If a compatible GPS module is attached, then the instrument will attempt to re‑acquire a GPS fix.
Note: The last Good Fix location information will be retained until the instrument is powered off, the Clear Data button is pressed, or a new Good Fix is acquired. The Good Fix or the Last Fix location information is store d in the measurement file and is included in the screen capture header/footer.
Sync System Time
Press this key to sync the instrument’s time setting with the current GPS information. Sync only works with a good GPS fix.
After a valid sync the instrument time is reset based on the UTC time plus/minus the time zone offset. Refer to Time Zone Settings.
GPS Info
An exclamation mark (!) is appended to the GPS location data in screen captures when the instrument is using Last Fix instead of current GPS information.
“(!)” Indicates Last Fix GPS Data