S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : VNA Mode : Limit Menu
Limit Menu
Limit lines can be used for visual reference only, or for pass/fail criteria using the limit alarm and Pass/Fail Message keys. Limit alarm failures are reported whenever a signal crosses the limit line.
Key Sequence: Limit (6) or Limit
Limit Menu

Active Limit (Upper Lower)
This key toggles the active limit line settings to the Upper or Lower limit.
Limit State
Press this key to display the Limit State menu and select one of three limit states: Off, single, or Segmented. The current limit state is displayed on the key.
Move Active Limit
Press this key to change the amplitude of the limit line with the Up/Down Arrow keys, rotary knob, or the number keypad. If the limit line is divided into segments, then all segments move by the same amount.
Edit Segments
Press this key to display the Segments menu and a table of limit line segments (see Figure: Edit Segments List Box). Tap a segment (Upper or Lower), and then choose a function from the Edit Segments menu (Figure: Limit Line Segments Menu). Refer also to Edit Limit Values Dialog Box.
Limit Alarm (On Off)
When turned On, the Limit Alarm sounds a repeating beep when the trace touches the limit line.
Pass/Fail Msg (On Off)
When turned On, a Pass or Fail message is displayed to indicate whether the trace touches or exceeds the limit line (Fail).
Limit Preset
Turns the limit line off and clears amplitude information. The next time that a limit line is turned on, it will be displayed at the default location (center of the display).