S820E Microwave Site Masterâ„¢ User Guide : VNA Mode : Sweep Menu 1
Sweep Menu 1
Sweep Setup
Key Sequence: Sweep (3) > Sweep Setup
Sweep Menu – Sweep Setup
Sweep Setup
Data Points
Sets the number of data points in the sweep. This value can be set to any integer value between 2 and 4001.
Run Hold
Toggles between Run and Hold. When in Hold mode, pressing this key provides a trigger to initiate a sweep. When in the Run mode, pressing this key pauses the sweep.
Sweep Trigger
This displays the Sweep Trigger Menu. The mode is displayed on the submenu key. Continuous is the default.
RF Immunity
High Low
The instrument defaults to RF Immunity Low.
Press this submenu key to display the IFBW selection box. Highlight one of the 13 choices. Refer to IFBW.
Sweep Averaging
Press this submenu key to set the number of sweeps to average at each sweep point (1 to 1000). Use the number keypad, the Up/Down Arrow keys, or the rotary knob, then press Enter.