CPRI LTE RF Analyzer and BBU Emulator : CPRI LTE RF Analyzer : Measure Menu
Measure Menu
Key Sequence: Measurements
or: Shift > Meas (4)
Measure Menu
BBU Emulation
This submenu key opens the BBU Emulation Menu (Option 760 Only).
CPRI Configure
This submenu key opens the CPRI Config Menu.
CPRI Spectrum
Press this key to select the CPRI spectrum view. Depending on the current display mode, you may have to press the key a second time to open the CPRI Spectrum Menu.
Press this key to select the spectrogram view and open the Spectrogram Menu.
CPRI Alarms
Press this key to display the SFP port alarm status and the Tx and Rx optical power levels. See Figure: CPRI Alarms Screen (Dual-Port Model Is Shown) for an example of a dual-port display. “Pass” status is shown as green; “Fail” is red. Colors may appear differently depending on the display settings. No color, or grey, means there is no connection at the SFP port.
SFP Data
This key opens the CPRI SFP Data Menu.
CPRI IQ Data Capture
Press this key to access the IQ Data Capture function described below.
Quick Save IQ Data
Insert a USB storage device into the Anritsu test instrument before pressing this key to initiate a waveform data capture. The IQ data is saved in a date and time labeled text file at the root level of the USB device. The file name is of the form CpriIQStreamDataYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.txt.
The instrument will display a message if there is no USB device connected or not enough space is available.
Playback IQ Data
Displays previously saved IQ data. Measurement and display settings are unchanged.
Returns to the Measure Menu.
CPRI Alarms Screen (Dual-Port Model Is Shown)